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Verdant Health has been compassionately certifying patients in Pennsylvania for medical cannabis since 2018. Let us help you begin the process of healing.

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The physicians at Verdant Health are advocates for cannabis as medicine.  We are dedicated to assisting patients in the certification process to obtain medical cannabis to treat their serious medical condition. We have been compassionately certifying patients in Pennsylvania since 2018.

Our physicians are Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and have over twenty years of experience providing quality care to our patients, for a wide spectrum of illnesses and conditions. 

1. Create an account

Follow our simple guide here to create an account with the PA Department of Health. 

2. Schedule an appointment

Schedule a telemedicine evaluation appointment with one of our state certified physicians.

3. Begin the healing process

After ordering and receiving your card, visit any state dispensary to start healing with medical cannabis. 

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Livia I can not thank you enough for your patience and how you made sure I completely understood the procedure. You answered every question and addressed every concern I had. I would recommend you to anyone. Your are not a typical DR. again Thank You it was awesome​.



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